Seeds That Help You Have A Better Period

Food Period is a subscription service helping women use natural food products to support their periods and hormonal health, founded by friends Britt Martin and Jenn Kim. Britt was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 25 and stopped getting her period after 6 months of chemo. Seeking a natural way to help her periods return to normal, she discovered that seed syncing worked and the duo want to make natural solutions more accessible to women.

Tell us about Food Period? Food Period helps women have great periods, naturally. We make functional food products, which simplify nutrition-based practices that help support and improve women’s menstrual health. Our Moon Seeds make the practice of seed syncing— a nutritionist-approved way to balance your hormones naturally— affordable and simple to follow. We also make Moon Bites, which are energy bites that make seed syncing more convenient for when you’re traveling or on-the-go.

What do you love most about it? Definitely the community! Our endlessly curious subscribers and the knowledgeable practitioners we partner with. They all keep us true to our mission and to our goals.

What are Food Period’s brand values? We have always strived to be like a big sister to our community— honest, inclusive, educational, and motivational.

How has Food Period evolved over the last few years? At first, we thought we were a food company; then we thought, no we’re a period company; now we realize we’re a women’s health company committed to making natural health practices more easily accessible.

Where do you want Food Period to be in 5 years’ time? To be helping women around the world better know and advocate for their bodies and their needs. If we can continue to offer nutrition-based products to make natural practices easier, I’ll be happy too.

How do you keep evolving and finding inspiration? Finding inspiration is the easy part, acting on it is what takes perseverance.

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