Frida Gives Concrete A Whole New Lease Of Life

Frida is the founder of Grey Shade, a concrete crafts brand that centres around minimalist design. We love Frida's emphasis on simplicity while maintaining strength from the concrete-based materials. 

The Brand

Tell us about the Grey Shade brand. From the beginning, I was just the third year of Interior Design student in BKK. I’m passionate about concrete and any natural material a lot. This used to be my little hobby after school before I decided to invite my friend in class to join. As we have the same taste in Minimalism, our work will be mainly on architectural and landscape design in geometric form and also included functions.

Tell us about your idea to focus on simplicity. The meaning of the word SIMPLICITY is a thing that is plain, natural and easy to understand. That is what we’d love our product to be.

How did you choose your name? Grey refers to the color of concrete, our main material. Shade refers to the shadow and shade of concrete. It happens in many shades actually. And we love how they came out different. It makes each piece unique.

What are your plans for the future? We plan to tryout on new material that can combined with concrete. Make the ingredients that can be lighter but contain the strength.

The Grey Shade Story

When did you start Grey Shade? Officially in March 2018. I wanted to make the tipping point on my 23th birthday. Concrete material didn’t seem like something that could be more valuable at the first time. But I do follow the famous Steve Jobs quote says  ‘Some people say give the customer what they want but that’s not my approach. Our job is figure out what they’re going to want before they do’.

In my thoughts before becoming Grey Shade, I only craft something I like to seek for someone who can appreciate this together. That was the idea when I started this little home-made business

Tell us how you grew the business. In the first year we focused on making various kinds of concrete products to attack various target groups. Anyway photography and storytelling is very important for us.

What have you learnt along the way? Someone said when hobby became career. It became something you hate. I try to run this work with no pressure. Make as much as we are able to. Take rest when needed and be honest.

Tell us about the future of your industry. In Thailand, concrete decorative become well-known and pop up many new brands. It’s like clay and wood, they can become anything by artist’s hands. In very soon future concrete will be something bigger but more meticulous. As furniture, sculpture or anything upon my imagination. 

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