Nourishing The Body And Mind Through Holistic Health

Laura co-founded Supernova Living as a way to make the alternative and holistic health that she grew up with, available to more people. We love the premium vegan wellness products in their range and the gorgeous brand she has created.

We were excited to discover Supernova Living. Can you tell us about your brand? We started Supernova Living to provide the highest quality vegan wellness products to elevate every area of your life, mind and body. We are highlighting holistic health in an elegant way. Alternative health is our passion and through decades of experimentation and research from my family, we want to encourage people to find alternative treatments to disease and allow your body to heal without using chemicals or drugs.

Tell us your business story and how you began? My research on holistic health has been around forever, I was raised on homeopathy, plants and tinctures. We really started heavily researching specific adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, herbs and superfoods two years prior to launching, as the catalyst was to develop a super pure powerful ‘plant protein-rich’ powder which also assisted in other areas of life, such as reduced stress, supported gut health, boosted immunity, hormone balancing and more. Initially this was for my husband who was a professional footballer and was experiencing fatigue, stomach problems and more from the whey protein powders they were giving him daily. We soon realised women wanted ‘Supplementation Made Simple’ too, to give energy, increase collagen, reduce bloating, stay fuller for longer, boost immunity and balance hormones!

Tell us about your relationship with holistic and natural wellness. It has been a lifestyle for me since I was a child but for most it may seem very extreme as prescription drugs and processed foods may be all you know and have been ‘brought up’ on. Every little step towards a more natural holistic life will have a positive effect on you. The basis of Naturopathy as I see it is that everything is connected. In life and within our bodies, for example if you get a rash, don’t just put some cream on it to suppress the rash, look at why your skin is expelling toxins, what the underlying cause may be? A headache may not necessarily be a problem in your head but with your gut or cortisol or hormone levels etc... That’s why we love and focus on organic adaptogens in our Supernova Living blends. These plants work with the whole body to keep it in balance and working in homeostasis, so all systems are working at their most efficient, boosted immunity, hormones in balance, reduced stress levels which in turn make you feel your optimal self.

What was it like collaborating with the naturopathic nutritionist? I have a great team of holistic practitioners who I’ve been seeing myself for many years, so it seemed natural to work with a Naturopathic Nutritionist for these blends for accreditation and support alongside my knowledge. It’s great to work with like-minded people and to inspire and educate each other. I want to continually learn and grow my knowledge so I’m always looking to expand my network of professionals. 

What do you think about the future of the wellness industry and the role your brand plays? We like to believe we have pioneered in the supplements industry by bringing therapeutic levels of the purest adaptogens, alongside organic plant protein to the market in a modern, desirable way. As a lifestyle company our aim is to inspire and educate customers on holistic living and wellness. We have programmes and new products in development to support this along with family wellness.

Our powders are essentially ‘personalised’ wellness powders, as they adapt to what each individual need not only individually but what the body needs at one specific time too. We took the perspective that although so many, especially men, confidently buy protein, they’re not so sure or confident to go and buy products that help gut health or reduce anxiety, so we wanted it all in one.


Tell us about creating the range. What was the journey like? The start of every business is so exciting at the beginning, with so much passion and drive and ideas, however as with any business when the reality of lawyers, logistics, accounts, timeframes, being let down, suppliers etc. kicks in, it’s a difficult journey. We didn’t want to cut any corners and were pedantic about speaking to every supplier and seeing all and every certification on the ingredients ourselves to know for sure exactly how it was being processed. All certificates of analysis and documentation to ensure its quality and purity is as we required. We were tested so many times to ‘cut corners’ but we refused even though it was much harder.

How did you decide to segment into blends based on gender? After a lot of market research, we found men and women’s priorities in a supplement were different, so we simply blended the ingredients which men and women wanted in therapeutics levels, so they created a significant difference to the individual. For example, men wanted more protein and ingredients for endurance and stamina, so we included schisandra berry and cordyceps. Women wanted anti-ageing and gut health, so we included chaga, MSM, camu camu and psyllium husk. All are organic so contain no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

How long did the process take before you were ready to launch your first product? The process from deciding to develop the products to launching took around two years due to the intense research we did on the products and where we sourced them from. We also wanted to get every single detail right, from the touch of the packaging to ensuring it’s recycled, to not including a plastic scoop but sourcing a hand carved coconut wood scoop from a small sustainable family business in Thailand.

What do the ingredients mean to you? They are our passion and are super powerful. They’re plants that have the power to heal which is what excites us so much to be able to bring a product to people that has such a positive effect on their lives. We are continually improving and advancing the blends and working on new ones too. Plus, they taste great without the inclusion or compromising of adding flavourings, artificial sweeteners, colours, gums, fillers, preservatives etc, which was so important to us.

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