We All Need Body Positive Swimwear In Our Lives

Vera Ong founded sustainable swimwear brand, Align Swim after graduating from university. With a goal to combat the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry, Align creates stylish swimwear made from an Italian sustainable fabric, Econyl. We love her comfortable, durable pieces designed to boost customers’ self confidence.

Vera, tell us about the brand you created. Align Swim aims to create sustainable and timeless swimwear. Our mission is to allow women to feel comfortable and happy in their own skin by creating the perfect swimwear that aligns to their body. Our vision is to support women and give back to society, hence we are always looking for ways to donate or contribute back in any way we can. Another goal of ours is to enrich the world by solving sustainability issues.

That’s no small mission! Tell us about the name? Our name Align is inspired by our ambition to create swimwear that aligns nicely to your body. At the same time, I was stuck at a crossroads in my life thinking about my future and what I really want to achieve. It struck me that I really love swimwear and fashion, and it has always been a dream to create a brand of my own with my own designs.

As a woman, I also understand how body confidence is so hard to achieve and I would want to help women change the way they feel about swimwear. “Too skimpy, no paddings, too revealing” It does not necessarily have to be this way. Swimwear can be flattering with more coverage too. It’s like voila - it clicked all at the same time and that’s how I feel that the idea of creating a swimwear brand totally “aligned” with my goals. :)

Fast forward to today, what’s your brand’s biggest success factor? The successes of Align Swim definitely comes from our customers. Our customers are the best. They leave really wonderful reviews about how our swimwear has changed their lives, encouraging us to create more designs and they are looking forward to our future collections. All that really made me feel that all the tears, sweat and hard work is worthwhile. :)

Looking ahead, what are your future goals? I would want Align Swim to be globally recognised in 5 years time. I would love to have physical stores internationally. I would also wish to venture into other product lines such as cover-ups, clothings, mens’ line, kids’ line etc.

And what’s the future of sustainability at Align Swim? We believe that practicing sustainability is our core mission and we have always been building our brand in an ethical and responsible manner. We want to eventually be able to give back more to society and also collaborate with more environmentally conscious vendors. We are constantly looking for ways to improve on sustainability through our products, our packaging and the way we develop our business. The most important thing would be to enrich our consumers with sustainability issues and to encourage people to do more for the world.

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