Bringing Joy To Graphic Design

The Brand

Meet Lauren Loucaides, the founder of Yellow Feathers, a stationery and design studio. Lauren started and runs her cute and colourful brand while working full-time as a graphic designer. We love her joyful designs!

Tell us about your brand? Yellow Feathers is a stationery and design studio for weddings, events, and small occasions. We specialize in bespoke invitations, day-of wedding stationery, greeting cards, custom stationery, and graphic design/branding for small businesses.

How would you describe your personal design style? I would say that they are each very delicate, and I use this word because I make each thing separately by hand. I associate the phrase ‘light as a feather’ with my brand name, light as in the paper and delicate as in the texture of a feather.

Is that why you chose Yellow Feathers as your brand name? Well, I loved the idea of a flamingo as an icon, as I feel they are very beautiful, feminine, and interesting, which link with my brand values (of being personal, delicate, feminine, fun, and creative). The colour yellow was born from my idea of there being an element of difference and memorability, therefore the flamingo couldn’t be pink! Yellow Feathers was the perfect name which captured everything, is still subtle, and creates a little mystery about what the brand creates.

Tell us about your business story? I’ve been a graphic designer for about 10 years, but it wasn’t until 2017 that I started experimenting with adding metallic foils to stationery, by hand. Being a full-time graphic designer meant sitting at a desk for most of the day in front of a large screen - a screen so large that you couldn’t even see that I was sitting behind it. I started to miss creating  and designing things by hand. I began making handmade cards and my love for designing, printing, and foiling grew. Wedding stationery was my new passion, alongside designing cards. It was everything that I had missed during those computer-screen days. I could order paper, experiment, play with color, and of course foil everything - instantly and all from the comfort of my own bedroom.

Why is creating personalized products important? Designing something specifically for someone, whether it is a card or a wedding invitation, has a lot of meaning for me. Each custom or bespoke design is different and so fun to create. It makes products one-of-a kind. Once I started getting commissions and couples chose me to design their cards, I felt it was worth the time and effort, and that’s how Yellow Feathers was born.

The Journey

What led you to create your own brand? Well, having a full-time job was a necessity for me, but I always found myself leaving work at the end of the day not a hundred percent satisfied. I wanted to keep the creativity in my mind flowing. That’s when I knew I needed something else, but I also knew it needed to be small. Starting off with freelancing was difficult. I couldn’t communicate with clients until after 7pm most days and jobs would take a long time to complete. My clients understood that I worked full-time and they were very patient. I had to sacrifice certain areas of the brand where I just didn’t have time to focus on them, like on the promotional side especially. So, it was a lot different in the beginning than it is now.

What’s your favourite part of the brand? Creating every element by hand is definitely my favorite part. I love the process that goes into the hand-foiling technique and I find it to be a very satisfying experience. As everything is printed, cut to size, and foiled by hand, there is a lot of detail required and a lot of care that goes into each piece. It makes things like wedding invitations and greeting cards that much more special.

Tell us about what is coming next for Yellow Feathers? The future of Yellow Feathers excites me! I plan to continue building and putting my heart and soul into the brand. My current goal at the moment is to work towards having my cards sold in retail-locations. In five years time it would be a dream to have a list of stockists, a larger product range, and my very own studio to work from.

Do you have any new products being launched? I have just launched a gift wrap bundle which includes sheets of wrapping paper, greeting cards, and gift tags - which all coordinate and match. A current plan is to continue to develop and adapt the gift wrap for Christmas and small occasions, for example Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day etc.

What advice would you give other female entrepreneurs? The advice that I would give to another female entrepreneur would be to know your worth and to never settle for something that you are not happy with. Your price is based on your own talent and work ethic, not on someone’s budget and what they can afford. It’s important to remember that what you make is worthy of the price you attach to it.

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