Product Description

Take Monday's Chaptal medium washbag is lightweight, clear and has one main compartment with two interior pockets. It carries all your essentials and the handle means it can come along with you, wherever you go! Plus, it's non-leather and 100% vegan.

Product Details

12cm x 19cm x 6cm (l x w x d) | 1.3L
💦 Splash-proof with Japanese water-tight zips for quick access
🇮🇹 Made in Italy using Italian canvas and biodegradable TPU

Keep the biodegradable TPU clean with a plastic polish and a microfibre cloth.

About The Founder
Claire Delap founded Take Monday in early 2020. Previously a casting producer, she spent most of her twenties travelling and was frustrated by the amount of plastic ziplock bags she used on work trips at airport security. The solution? Clear, watertight and biodegradable travel pouches and bags with a super chic aesthetic, inspired by Claire's travels to South Korea as well as her mum's love for bold design. Claire is currently based in Paris and takes thirty minutes a day to painstakingly improve her French.

About The Process

🌱 100% vegan
Biodegradable TPU
♻️ Reusable alternative to single-use plastic
💯 Small batch production for higher quality and less waste