Product Description

Variously's Granite Linen Scarf is an elegant and lightweight blend of grey and white hues, crafted from a raw-textured plant-based linen yarn. It has been ethically and responsibly handwoven by artisans in Nepal.

Product Details

Size (large drape): 200cm x 90cm (l x w)
🇧🇪 100% linen from Belgium
🧣Some parts left undyed

Gently hand wash using mild detergents with cold water. Hang dry in cool shaded place or delicately dry clean only.

About The Founder

Anjali Purohit founded textile brand Studio Variously to combine traditional artisan techniques with a modern design approach. Passionate about changing the world of fashion and design for the better, she is a member of the Fashion Revolution Organization and has built strong, lasting relationships with local artisans in India and Nepal, showcasing their work through film and making personal visits to see them on trips back home to India. A foodie at heart, Anjali loves to seek new spots for Middle Eastern food in her free time.

About The Process

🇨🇭 Uses certified Eco Swiss Dyes
👉🏾 Handmade by artisans
🙋🏽‍♀️ Employs women
💚Uses only natural, responsibly sourced materials
💯 Small batch production for higher quality and less waste