Product Description

The Zuahaza Salento Cushion Cover features a textured soft-touch design embroidered with colourful tassels and crafted from 100% organic cotton. It is named after a vibrant town in the Quindio region of Colombia and handmade by local female artisans. A fun, colourful accent to your home.

Product Details

Size: 45cm x 45cm (l x w)

Note: Does not include insert, cover only
🌾 100% organic cotton and naturally dyed

Wash carefully by hand with a PH neutral soap. Due to the natural dyes, coloured water may run on the first wash, especially with indigo dyed fabric. This is completely normal and won't stain your other fabrics! Air dry only and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

About The Founder

After working abroad, Tatiana wanted to bring her knowledge back to Colombia to support local craft. She founded a social enterprise that brings together communities of artisans and named it Zuahaza, meaning "sisterhood" in the Muisca language of Cundiboyacense. At the heart of her mission is a desire to bring about positive change to these communities and to communicate the value of artisanal techniques to her customers. She passionately believes that buying handmade is like investing in an original art piece, with a human essence that cannot be replicated by a machine. Tatiana is full of travel tips for Colombia, and particularly recommends Barichara, a small town in the tropical Andes!

About The Process
👉🏾 Handmade by artisans

🙋🏽‍♀️ Employs women
💚 Uses only natural, responsibly sourced materials
💯 Small batch production for higher quality and less waste